World AW09: Would You?

August 24, 2009
True, my derisive damning of garish shades was a little hasty. It’s not that I’d actually vomit if faced with a gleaming, ‘citric-acidic’ shade of yellow, rather, I’d just not be hot for wearing great big bolts-of-cloth of it. Anyway, since happening upon this AW09 lookbook (below) on Men’s Rag, I’ve been trying to convince myself I’d wear certain elements of this colour-fest. I’m contemplating saying that I would, based purely on this design-duo’s credentials, which is a touch shallow surely…
World, a New Zealand-based brand, comprises the talent of Denise L’Estrange-Corbet (LCF-grad, and she has an MNZM to boot) and Dennis Hooper (ex-employee of Galliano, Kawakubo, Michiko Koshino and Kansai Yamamoto). Founded in 1989, the brand is, as you might have noticed, at home with all things clash-tastic and seemingly preoccupied with fashioning looks that should provoke a response like…”Gah!/Eurgh!/” but instead receive a less exclamatory “I’d actually wear this and not feel like a walking, talking tackiness-advocate”.
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I’m thinking the piping-garments would be the most work-able. Possibly some of the “I’M GAUDY SATIN!”-screaming accessories, too? Or (and this is quite plausible) am I losing all sartorial sense…?
PS. No need to advise re: the dainty miniature murses, I’ll not be treading into tranny-territory just yet…

Screen caps from World
  • Last Style of Defense August 26, 2009 at 5:01 pm

    If I did wear any of this, not that I would – I think it is beyond hideous and not even 'ironic' can describe it – I would have to constantly quote 'Thunderbirds'.This collection is defiantly not F.A.B…