Need a Hero?

August 30, 2009
In the days of yore (the formative stages of my fashion/style obsession), I remember trawling through countless threads on The Fashion Spot (as any wannabe fashion-aficionado does), the vast majority of which involved a helluva lot of model-appreciation even if the thread’s sole purpose wasn’t model-fanboy/girl-ing. And since I’ve never really been a model-obsessive it did at times prove irksome when members would gush “OmGzz Brad is sooo hot” in response to mere posting of runway collections. I knew the difference between my Irinas and had, at one point, a none-too-healthy interest in Sean O (eh…who didn’t?) but I’ve never been a full-on, stalk-the-show-venues model-fanatic.
90bb2 hero launch issue cover
^ Cover feat. Robbie by Matthew Kristall.
Now, though, with the recent launch of fledgling London-based zine, Hero (founded by James West and Fabien Kruszelnicki), I find myself steadily developing a mild (but existent nonetheless) obsession. With photography by “Polaroid artist” Jeremy Kost and everybody’s favourite cheeky it-boy Pelayo Diaz Zapico, and a wealth of the boys making up the cream of the male-modelling crop including Robbie Wadge and Ryan Koning, this really is set to be something big.
f85a1 hero launch issue ryan koning
^ Ryan (Major, NYC) photographed by Matthew Kristall.

8ec59 hero launch issue robbie wadge
^ Robbie (VNY, NYC) photographed by Matthew Kristall.

bb9f0 hero launch issue nicolas boldt 1
^ Nicolas (Cento, Berlin) photographed by Stefan Heinrichs.

e0057 hero launch issue luuc brans
^ Luuc (Republic, Amsterdam) photographed by Massimo Pamparana.
No, it may not be the most inspiring publication regarding formulation of your daily outfit (unless you’re perfectly happy to sit topless – possibly pantless, too – at your office-desk) but what it lacks in actual clothes it more than makes up for in artful photographs/layouts, insightful interviews (hopefully…only snippets as of yet) and breathtaking beauty.
Find stockists or buy online here.
EDIT: So, Blogger tells me this is the 250th post. I’d like to take this opportunity (avoiding as much cheddar as possible in the process) to thank each and every one of you for reading, ranting, loving, hating etc. In keeping with the truly celebratory theme this post is on topless boys, do enjoy yourselves.
  • Daniel Alec August 30, 2009 at 1:18 pm

    250 posts – congratulations.

  • Last Style of Defense September 1, 2009 at 9:10 am

    Congratulations on your 250 post!! To another 250 more…!! So0o I went to go buy Hero at the weekend…it looks amazing. Flicking through the pages, feeling the beautiful paper, lusting after the guys (I know Pelayo well, so can strike one of my hit list) AND then discover it's cover price; £10!!! I'm sorry, but that is toooo much. Reasonable or expensive?