Boots for few bills, please and thanks.

August 28, 2009
Perhaps the best feature of The Sunday Times Style magazine is “Skinted & Minted” (after Mrs. Mills, naturally). It’s immeasurably reassuring to know that that designer bag or those designer shoes are (in a slightly watered-down quality, somewhat altered design-wise – for copyright reasons – version) available on the high street for a fraction of the hefty sum that Lanvin or Dior may be requesting.
I’ve been in search of big, thick, fuck-off black boots for a while now and the usual haunts (Zara, Office, Topman…) just aren’t proffering the goods (well, they are, but all attempts have seemingly yielded naff results). So, if – by some v. odd twist of fate – you’re reading this Gemma Soames (or Claudia Croft, whoever’s now responsible), do please consider my problem for next week’s issue (and yes, I’m aware it’s generally an exclusively ‘women’s’ feature but I’m sure you appreciate this is a crisis).
I’m so considerate I’ve already tended to half the workload – below, the unabashedly luxurious leather numbers worthy of the “Minted” title…

0562b anndemeulemeesterlace upboots

^ Ann Demeulemeester Black Leather Lace-up Boots – the mid-calf height and straps have me hooked.

2c6f5 ldtuttleleatherelephantstampboot
^ LD Tuttle Leather Elephant Stamp Boots – probably my favourite shade of grey. Also, these thinner straps lend a more streamlined look.

d5f1b lanvinlace upanklebootswithwooldetail

^ Lanvin Leather Lace-ups (with wool detail) – masculine yet feminine, sturdy yet vulnerable.

0b39d hbyhudsonmajorlace upboots

^ H by Hudson Leather Lace-up Boots – i probably shouldn’t be classifying these as designer/luxury considering the pricepoint is fairly affordable. Still, a good thing’s even better when it’s on the cheap.

Images from Oki-ni, Oak and Browns’

  • ana August 28, 2009 at 3:29 pm

    Love those Lanvin ones. In fact, they're all awesome boots, and I agree about the serious lack of boots on the high street right now, for girls and boys. I wanted mens' ones as I've unusually large, wide feet, but ended up with a pair from Urban Outfitters for 70 quid.I reckon over the next month as we head further into winter the high street will catch up and start giving us what we want – something to keep toes warm and dry and stylish all at once 🙂

  • Michael August 29, 2009 at 6:46 am

    I completely agree – I'm looking for some decent chunky brown work boots and I'm having similar problems. The high street seem to have definitely missed a trick here unless of course they're all coming on stream mid September.

  • blanaid August 31, 2009 at 12:22 pm

    Love the LD Tuttle boots..I want a decent pair of boots with just a miniscule, but some sort of a, man's style heel. I can't be dealing with the incredibly flat ones that make you rock back on your heels as you walk, it's not comfortable… I need a tiny sliver – is that too much to ask, boot maker peoples? Sorry, I had to get that rant out of my system. Great post!