Wang-ed Wangsters Rejoice.

July 30, 2009
Although I don’t make a habit of it, I sometimes find I have to bow to a certain conservative/traditional belief regarding menswear. That men look at their best (I suppose I mean “most attractive” here…) in a simple tee/shirt and jeans/pants (unadorned, save for some v. banal embellishment like a necktie) is an opinion I’ve always sought to challenge since it seems so staid, backward, even, considering the ongoing evolution of menswear and shifts (not seismic but shifts nonetheless) in the general perception of what men’s style encompasses. That said, it’s difficult to deny that (this is purely how I see it…) pared-back simplicity can be at once wholesome and undeniably attractive. Proof? Alexander Wang‘s new men’s pieces for his T basics line.





Anyway, whether representative of masculinity in its prime or not, it’s without doubt the definition of NY downtown cool. Get it next Spring.

Images from Men’s Style (still there, love it while it lasts…)