Petrou MAN: Disco-knees and cropped-sleeves.

July 28, 2009
Is it just me or does anyone else find limitations/restrictions regarding subject choices in college infuriating? Yes, Film/German was my first choice but, let’s not lie, had Art History been available for teaming with Film I’d have been in there like swimwear.

Hélas, I’m now bound to lead an undergrad-life abounding with people exclaiming “Oh! You must do Fassbinder all the time!” or uttering in a thoroughly derogatory fashion “So…you can be a german-film director…”. Anywhat, I’m still able to enjoy the ‘artistic’ juxtapositions that form the background to the lookbook images of Nicolas Petrou‘s SS10 menswear collection regardless of whether or not I can dissect them critically. Cypriot Petrou is a CSM alumnus who’s been occupying his time in NYC by offering his talents to an array of other design companies. Were I to ask if his decision to concentrate more fiercely on his eponymous line was worth it I don’t doubt the response would be a unanimous and resounding, yes.

9a4f7 petroumanss102

06ad1 petroumanss101

Granted it could be the lookbook art-bordering-on-alchemy that’s got me enamoured of his work, but I’d dare say I’d wear any of this with-or-without a collage-backdrop (though somehow I’m thinking ‘with’ could be a potential logistical disaster…? Don’t fancy attaching door-sized backdrops in an attempt to accessorise just yet.). Cropped-sleeve suits, disco-knees, lapels and pocket-panels as well as surprisingly successful fabric/pattern contrasts (that check bib on an otherwise sober grey shirt) make up the memorable aspects of Petrou’s SS10 offering. And, of course, a witty take on the ubiquitous “Enjoy Coke” logo. Go figure.

71990 petroumanss105

eebc7 petroumanss104

9ccac petroumanss103

  • Mat July 28, 2009 at 4:03 pm

    looking good this though, you can see the clothes clearly enough. though the background does take your eye off the main feature. reminds me of CDG slightly.