The Uplifting Halleck Effect.

April 27, 2009
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A change in mood demands a change in sartorial cravings, quite naturally. With the passing – finally – of that bizarre bout of bloatedness I’m now up for the gradual reintroduction of colour into the daily-wear, the bringers of which would ideally be the newly unveiled garments of Brazilian designer Silvio Halleck.
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A student of the Universidade Veiga del Almedia, Halleck was recently awarded the Rio Moda Hype for his debut collection at Rio Fashion Week Aw 09.  Featuring looks for both sexes, the collection is a veritable technical extravaganza with the juxtaposition of disparate fabrics (brash tartans with what look to be somewhat sporty jerseys and cottons) and often warped silhouettes. What’s most appealing right now though is its colour – just the right tone of red for a recovering slug like myself trying to reemerge into the environment (I’m surely the only one who actually held intense detestation for the blinding sun today…).
fd275 halleck 01
Most impressive though is Halleck’s fusion of a resolutely sportswear aesthetic – all things striped and streamlined – with couture-esque detailing – swathes of fabric gathered at the neck or draped over the shoulder. Oh, and failing my walking out again in technicolour the collection also features a rather handsome hoody-and-pant combo in a pleasingly industrial palette.
04fb5 halleck 02
Er, do bear with me, I’m sure further gazing upon Halleck’s creations will force the  undertone of pessimism to soon dissipate.
  • Mat Ahoy - Buckets and Spades April 28, 2009 at 10:05 am

    great find, this collection looks really and a fresh approach is always nice to see.

  • Fashion Minute April 29, 2009 at 2:38 pm

    I like the coats… the hoodie effect I could do without though. Nice find!