The 5 best Calorie Counter Apps

October 8, 2015
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Winter is coming! It’s not always easy to resist when so many delicious but unhealthy food offers are around. To decrease your demands by making yourself aware of what you are really eating can help you to not get in the annually circle of gaining weight over the holidays. Medical studies show that a calorie counter app or nutrition app is an efficient and effective way to regulate and organize your daily consumption and lose weight. Here are the top 5:

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1. MyFitnessPal

MyFitnessPal, being the most popular calorie counter app, presents you the biggest food database, where you can track your daily nutrition. Very easy to handle and also able to synchronize, this app also gives you motivational quotes and exercise advice. It also tracks your exercises and allows you to measure register your calorie consumption.

2. MyNetDiary

This virtual coach helps you with creating a weight goal and calculates your calorie budget. Its food database includes also restaurants and grocery stores. The PhotoFood service gives you the opportunity to suggest food for the catalog by sending them a photo. The daily and weekly analysis will then tell you how well you did and give you instructions how to improve your diet.

3. Calorie Counter Plus: diets and activities

This calorie counter app is a traditional food journal with a simple and beautiful user interface. You can create your own diet and keep track of your nutrition and exercises, always staying focused on your goal. The app can also be linked to Facebook and Twitter. Owning the “Plus” version you have the access to the Calorie Counter Magazine articles containing tips about health and nutrition.

4. Calorie Counter by About

The variety of nutrition apps is extensive and it’s still growing. To stand out from the mass, this competitor tries to grab a portion of the market using a slightly new angle. You track your food by simply talking into the phone. Collaborating with their website, your information will be synchronized and you can take advantage of the groups and forums to exchange experiences.

5. Calorie Counter (Diets & Exercises) – Tap &Track

In distinction to the before mentioned apps, Tap & Track doesn’t need internet access, which simplifies tracking your food at all times. Containing a big amount of food, food brands and restaurant, this nutrition app includes also a lot of exercises and even household chores. You’re also able to set your customized limits for carbs and fats.



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