Pinstyle x x Berlin Fashion Week.

October 1, 2014
It’s a bit cray to think that it’s almost been a full year since I was traipsing around Berlin streets doing things like this or whiling away time doing this. A lot’s changed since (my German is now comparatively dire, I think nothing of paying comparatively colossal rent, and leaving the party at 5am now doesn’t seem so shockingly embarassing). But the soft spot for this sometimes hard city still remains, so naturally enough I didn’t need asking twice when Pinstyle approached me about covering next week’s SS13 shows at Mercedes Benz Berlin Fashion Week.

I managed to haul my sweaty self to a few shows last year (the out-door runway at WoodWood being the most memorable) but was by no means fully immersed in the Teutonic sartorial experience so the opportunity to see the work of designers like Michael Sontag, Marc Philippe Coudeyre and Kilian Kerner in the flesh is pretty much unmissable. There’ll be updates here (sporadic, probably) but I’ll be pinning and v-logging over at Pinstyle and Pinstyle Facebook.


To clarify, Pinstyle is a Facebook app and online portal not dissimilar to Pinterest but dedicated solely to all things style. Happen upon an image, consider it worth sharing and simply pin to your Pinstyle profile. It’s the kind of thing that I immediately denounce on first hearing its premise but quickly enough grow completely addicted to. I can think of worse ways of spending my time than discovering other images, aesthetics and trends curated from people from all corners of the world. One of them is my current past-time – nursing almighty hangovers while cursing copy deadlines.

See you in Berlin.

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