Get In Line.

May 7, 2014
Y’all know I’m not exactly one for seasonal posts but I’m making an exception for the holiday that’s in it. Halloween Tip 2012 – you could do worse than camo, it’s perfectly in line with the heavyweight trend-setters (mind the Fascistic post title there, though), can be interpreted variously as G.I. Joe, Action Man, generic soldier etc, and saves you delving into drag territory, though that could also be arranged
ad681 ymccamojacket

d984c ymccamoshirt

bcc27 ymccamotrousers
^ London’s YMC has just released this line of hunting camo. ASOS were doing the more ubiquitous US Woodland camo but it seems to be pulled now that stock’s are low. Your local Army Surplus calls…
Images from YMC
PS. Esquire’s Blogger Showdown addresses the issue of ‘dressing up’ and its implications. Interesting reading.

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  • Mat October 31, 2011 at 8:32 pm

    quality stuff, i love camo in general. i have a vintage camo jacket though it's too chilly for it now, ok with a bit of lambswool and a scarf no doubt