Max Benjamin: Perfect Scents.

February 3, 2014
I’ve always been a bit crap at making a home from home. Having rented places since the age of 18, it’s always seemed an effort to alter my living environs when the landlord’s dictatorial or your budget’s constrained. The whole thing involves expense and effort, which I’m not sure I could justify when there are boots and things to be bought.
Still, something like the below birthday gift from my all too generous friend Doireann is the perfect solution to my male interiors-related incompetence.
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^ Dodici by Max Benjamin perched on the new apartment’s windowsill – a blend of essential oils of rosemary, Sicilian lemon and marjoram on a backdrop of Tuscan lavendar. It’s mild and inarguably beautiful.
^ Dodici
Max Benjamin candles is Irish-owned and run by brothers Mark and David Van den Bergh, who’ve named the brand after their sister Orla’s two sons, Max and Benjamin. Family history aside, the brand is essentially the prime purveyor of luxury natural wax candles, with fragrances ranging from lemongrass and ginger to French linen water.
^ Fig Leaves & Cedar

^ Lemongrass & Ginger
Although each and every product is delectably packaged, what really sets this duo apart from other chandlers is their appreciation for 100% natural wax (blended from soy bean, canola, beeswax and coconut wax), and their refusal to use the cheaper, dirtier alternative – paraffin wax i.e. the kind that leads to a fug of artificial stink reminiscent of toilet cleaner.
Shop online or see a full list of international stockists here.

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