Raf Simons: A History of Rebellion @ LN-CC.

March 30, 2013
I’ve been coming over all Belgian of late despite trying to make semi-concrete plans for London menswear next Wednesday. Whilst I should probably be coordinating how I’m going to leg it from Somerset House to the East End and fit in eats and meets with London mates in between, I’m instead poring over the work of the Antwerp Six, and fellow Antwerp Royal Academy of Fine Arts alumnus Raf Simons who’s succeeded them.
It started, I suppose, when a friend v. generously loaned me the below…
eefa4 belgianfashiondesign
^ Belgian Fashion Design edited by Luc Derycke and Sandra Van De Veire
This if one of those fashion tomes that’s as much go-to reference book/bible, as it is pretty coffee table book. Packed full of Q+As with, and images of work from, Belgium’s lauded and somewhat more under the radar designers, it’s an essential if you’re at all interested in fashion or are bit of a Taschen/Azzouline nerd, or both, like myself.
Anyway, since that, LN-CC have only gone and got all love-y with Simons, too. Next Thurs Feb 24th sees the London concept store hold Raf Simons: A History of Rebellion, an archive private sales evening (you’ve got to register to attend) with an after-party to boot. Taking the uncompromising vision and stark, distinctive aesthetic of Simons’ designs as its theme, the event will offer the designers’ devotees an unparalleled opportunity to nab some of the most lusted after pieces in fashion history.
07761 raf archive sale flyer
Having accumulated an extensive collection of pieces dating from the last 10 years of Simons’ career, LN-CC will be offering the goods at prices close to their original selling price, with stock, obviously, being very limited.
Were I not jetting back on the morning of this event (bloody typical) and, you know, scandalously broke, I’d be hoping for a bit of this…
e8fa7 rafsimonsaw09
^ Raf Simons Autumn Winter 2009

…and this…
81655 rafsimonsss09
^ Raf Simons Spring Summer 2009
…and a touch of this…
648a5 rafsimonsss11
^ Raf Simons Spring Summer 2011
Here’s a few tasters of what’s definitely on offer…
7ef9e raf archive ln cc 2

b78a9 raf archive ln cc 3
Raf Simons: A History of Rebellion is at LN-CC (18 Shacklewell Lane, Dalston, London, E8 2EZ) on Thurs Feb 24th from 6-9PM. Register your interest to attend here
The beat goes on ’til late in store with Richard D. Clouston.
Catwalk images from GQ.com

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