Heavy Metal from ASOS feat. Todd Lynn, Carolyn Massey & New Power Studio.

March 22, 2013
So, after that v. un-festive post, here’s a little something Valentine’s oriented, if only from a materialistic gifting point of view. God, first style over substance, now materialism as an integral part of romance – I swear I’m not actually as heartless as I’m sounding today…
Anyway, it appears there was so much love abounding at ASOS HQ this year that they weren’t content with a mere coupling, but rather opted for a bit of a ménage à quatre i.e. the online retail superpower teamed with three of the UK’s major forces in menswear: Todd Lynn, New Power Studio and Carolyn Massey to produce an 8-piece jewellery collection full of potential ‘tough love’-themed gifts. It’s pretty much unisex so you’ll find something for your significant other whatever persuasion you’re of…


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^ Todd Lynn for ASOS Snake Ring – €131.20 & Todd Lynn for ASOS Snake Lion Ring – €131.20
5873c toddlynnforasos33e5d3 toddlynnforasos4

 ^ Todd Lynn for ASOS Double Skull Necklace Ring – €262.40


4270b carolynmasseyforasos1f5339 carolynmasseyforasos4
^ Carolyn Massey for ASOS Plate Ring – €131.20

49206 carolynmasseyforasos22a5e7 carolynmasseyforasos5
^ Carolyn Massey for ASOS Dollar Bracelet – €196.80
12dd5 carolynmasseyforasos358dde carolynmasseyforasos6

 ^ Carolyn Massey for ASOS Charm Necklace – €131.20


d1d77 newpowerstudioforasos16f4d6 newpowerstudioforasos2
^ New Power Studio for ASOS Bolt Ring Necklace – €131.20 

8798f newpowerstudioforasos32817b newpowerstudioforasos4

^ New Power Studio for ASOS Mixed Chain Necklace – €196.80

 Get them here. Oh, and happy V day.

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