Warding Off Wintry Weather.

December 1, 2010

Being, or at least resembling, a sane person (OK…faffing Arts student), I’ve not even contemplated leaving the apartment to trudge through the mounds of snow that have been accumulating without relent since the start of the week. Instead, I’m opting for drinking vast volumes of strong coffee, whilst either reading my first Christopher Isherwood novel (Mr Norris Changes Trains) or formulating outfits that would see me just that bit less at risk of severe pneumonia, were I to actually venture outside – namely: thickness in the form of chunky knits, robust boots, and overcoats.

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^ Henri Lloyd Culford Roll Knit – Being the all-things-nautical-obsessed freak that I am, this is pretty much everything I want in a jumper. The shade probably isn’t the best for my anything but swarthy complexion but the lamb’s wool, the marine cable and diamond knit, and the heat-retaining rolled collar have me throwing all colour co-ordination considerations overboard…

f5dd1 burtonblackwool2in1peacoat

^ Burton Black Wool Rich 2 in 1 Peacoat – £80.00 (and take another 10% OFF now, too) – twice the heat for the same price, and you’ll come over all Burberry, too, which is never a bad thing. Oh, and don’t forget there’s up to 30% OFF until December 5th!

36814 uniqlowoolchesterfieldcamelcoat

^ Uniqlo Wool Chesterfield Camel Coat – £79.99 (down from £99.99) – just because I still don’t have one and repeatedly posting different variations on the theme might serve as a gift hint to friends and family. Oh, and more great news, there’s free standard delivery on all orders at Uniqlo right now! *meganudge*

For suit-wearers who aren’t afforded the opportunities of thick knits to ward off the cold, then every little helps – namely, leather and wool ties that tick all the seasonal boxes, from aesthetically-pleasing to guaranteed cosy…

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^ The ‘New Forest’ collection from Motto & Crest who I’ve lovingly adored before on the blog.

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Shit, coffee just ran out. Time to dress for my own expedition. Whilst I’m away, what are your essentials for warding off the worst of wintry weather?

  • Mathieu December 5, 2010 at 12:59 pm

    i like the ties and the white tricothttp://lastoffadimathieu.blogspot.com/