Farewell 2010: This Year in Fashion.

December 31, 2010
NYE, and all I’ve heard so far is people passionately listing the reasons as to why 2010 was ultimately a good, or bad year for them. Honestly, am feeling as though I’m out on a limb since I can’t quite come down on one side or the other. With resolutions of boundless positivity and enthusiasm for 2011 (not built to last), I’m going to halt the wavering and say 2010 was another year to remember for all the right reasons. Here’s just a bit of what’s informed the decision…

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Soon after professional fash-bloggers began storming fashion weeks the world over, I chanced my arm in doing the same, and to my indescribable amazement, was actually accepted. Granted, it’s London, and not one of the major capitals but considering this fact did little to appease feverish boyish excitement. After an incredible experience at the SS10 shows, I returned in Feb of this year for the AW10 round-up.

Carolyn Massey, Orschel-Read, James Long, Omar Kashoura – it was a veritable feast and I relished every moment whilst intermittently, and very subtly, slapping myself to remind myself that these incredible designers were actually permitting me see their careers develop live on the catwalk. Bit mad.

281ec carolynmassey


Seeing a collection you love in its entirety is one thing (Carolyn Massey’s Autumn Winter ’10 Obsolete Prototype C53). Getting to intern with the designer who created said collection is another. When I arrived in London this Summer I’d intended to pursue an opportunity like this, but I never expected to secure it.

My sojourn at Massey’s Hackney studio was both fulfilling and relentlessly sweaty (not induced by over-work, but muggy London-in-Summer temperatures). From here I visited ASOS and Dazed HQ, was introduced to stylists from 7th Man and POP magazines and after having awed over the inner workings of a Northampton shoe factory, was given the finger by its workers on departure. Incredible. And although she’s not showing this coming season, there’s plenty more to come from La Massey.

93ed2 1883


Time not spent at the studio during the Summer was time for writing. Having met Alicia and Paul of 1883 some time in June, I was set the task given the pleasure of interviewing six international up-and-comers from the likes of model Tali Lennox (there may at first have been a dictaphone cock-up but shhh…) to designers Fannie Schiavoni (both stunning and charming) and Angie Johnson of Norwegian Wood (she took the time out to Skype just days before getting wed!).

I’m so proud to be a part of the debut issue of this magazine monument to the next generation of fashion talent – here’s to lots more 1883 in 2011.

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At some point in 2010 I placed my first order at ASOS. I have never looked back. 2011 better not batter my wallet to the same extent.

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Oh, and the lovely Steve of Style Salvage also thought it wouldn’t be a bad idea to plaster my mug on the homepage for a bit (alongside other men’s style bloggers). Although this makes me shudder now (styling…not the photography), I console myself with the fact that I had just landed and was living from a suitcase of naff tat. Regardless, thanks Steve!

Above all, and at the risk of sounding squirm-inducingly cringe-worthy, I’ve met so many amazing people this year including: Hanna ter Meulen, Dan Hasby Oliver, Aisling Farinella, Annmarie O’ Connor, Angela Scanlon, Ali, Stephen Moloney, SOS Fi and the LDN bloggers, Elliott James Sainsbury, Lil, London mates and Dublin folks – y’all know who you are.

Lastly, this blog has brought me places and offered me opportunities I’d never have imagined when I started it in the boglands of rural Ireland in 2007. Obviously, without you, the readers, it’d have been a dud from the get-go. So, thanks. Ever so.



Images from BFC, Anne Bernecker, and ASOS

  • soooali December 31, 2010 at 12:56 pm

    I'll expect your mug in GQ in 2011! X

  • Stephen December 31, 2010 at 1:18 pm

    With everything collated like this, 2010 really was quite a productive year for you. I can't wait to see what 2011 presents you with.Have a happy new year, Cillian.-Stephen http://www.stitchesfabricandsoul.com

  • Richard Kilroy December 31, 2010 at 1:53 pm

    I've had a 'best moments of 2010' post drafted for weeks. I really should crack on with it. Nice post! x

  • Cillian December 31, 2010 at 2:00 pm

    Thanks all! Wishing you all the best 2K11.Cx.

  • Mat December 31, 2010 at 2:10 pm

    same to you cillian! happy new year. ah man, it's been mad hasn;t it, that CM collection was off the hook.ah the chinos challenge! i loved your styling actually, don't be so daft.