The Brogue Hunt Begins: Herring’s ‘Harvey’.

October 27, 2010
Since shelling out for my definitive pair of AW10 boots from Bench (shots of these to come), I’ve been switching my attention to acquiring a pair of brogues. *Gasp*. I know, I don’t actually own a pair despite the style being a firm favourite of mine (and countless others) for several seasons now. But my current state of broguelessness has not been for want of trying, having pored through several stores and rummaged in the footwear bins of numerous charity shops but to no avail. With the sheer variety of styles on offer (leather, leather and suede, pastel-coloured etc. etc.), the mere thought of having to select just one pair has proved just a bit overwhelming.
Now I’m running out of shoes, and it’s high time to cut the bullsh*t and buy the brogues. Below is the current on-top contender from British heritage brand, Herring Shoes
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^ Herring ‘Harvey’ Brogue, crafted from tweed and chestnut calf leather
Founded in 1966 by Richard Herring, the brand has grown steadily over the decades, setting itself apart from shoddy high-street quality, but taking care not to distance customers on matters of price. Now, with Richard’s son, Adrian Herring at the helm of the footwear family business, it continues to offer both reliable British craftsmanship and arresting design. The above is a limited edition so if you fancy it, it’s only available while stocks last. Just sayin’.
  • Mat October 27, 2010 at 10:46 pm

    i hear you on the brogue hunt, its so hard to get it right and seeing that theyre my fav type of mens shoes i still never seem to find the right ones for methose are beauts