Favourite Moments in Film – 00o00.

October 15, 2010
I’ve harped on to such an incredible extent about fashion and film, their points on intersection, and general respective – and in certain cases, collective – brilliance that I’m going to, in a sense, sit out of the conversation and let others do the talking. From now on, each Friday, the blog becomes a shrine to moments in film, which are not necessarily fashion-related but, as in this premiere case, are.
Joe from 00o00 has an astute eye for all things aesthetic, as well as a formidable brain for all things fiscal, too. His blog both informs and entices with its mix of fashion business news and commentary as well as musings on must-haves. Here’s what he had to say about his favourite moment in film – a scene from Tom Ford’s directorial debut, A Single Man.

084b7 asingleman
^ Lois & Kenny (Aline Weber and Nicholas Hoult)

There are many brilliant moments in the film, but I remembered this scene, when I thought of how beautiful that girl is. The first thing that came to mind is “Tom Ford for Gucci, that whole mod look, gorgeous”. And then there’s Nicholas Hoult, devilish yet innocent in that mohair sweater, which I combed the whole of London for, but to no avail. I like that scene. I think it was when Colin Firth’s character first saw Nicholas Hoult, the beginning of a glimmer of hope which helped change his mind towards the end.


^ Trailer for A Single Man
  • Zoë October 18, 2010 at 10:05 pm

    Fantastic, what an aesthetically pleasing film it was indeed, I like the sharp contrasts between the pair here, ying and yang. Really eye catching amongst all the greens and greys of the campus.