Loake for Burton: High-Street and Heritage Married Successfully.

September 9, 2010
Remember when The Secret was launched, and positive thinking became the philosophy du jour? Frankly, I never quite bought the whole concept, though did enjoy the stream of inspirational quotes from intellectual luminaries that was threaded throughout the book (even if it was all a bit sickly and American dream-ish). That said, I feel as if the Law of Attraction has been at work recently, considering my realisation of the shocking dearth of good shoes in my possession and the launch of the Loake for Burton collaboration.
Burton, an Arcadia group high-street store, has never really succeeded in securing my interest for more than a fleeting moment. I did make one purchase there before – a maroon military shirt with the sexiest epaulettes I’ve come across to date for just €10, but the store itself has never made its way into my tried-and-trusted high-street hit-list. Now, though, with this collab., which features six styles of footwear priced from just £125-£150, it’s more appealing than the requisite brunch and Coke the morning after the night before.
The pairing of an accessible retailer with a heritage brand (storied brand Loake opened its Northhampton factory in 1880) isn’t exactly a new phenomenon, of course, what with ASOS having capitalised on the recession era return to the reliable for a while now with their Best of British collabs. and exclusives. But Burton, not really enjoying the same credentials as, say, ASOS or Topman, has made a commendable move in securing a more style-conscious sector of the men’s market.
Without further ado…
62ea6 loakeforburton3
^ Leadon tan brogue – £125.00

7f4b7 loakeforburton6
^ Leadon brown oily suede brogue – £125.00

7d838 loakeforburton4

^ Lester tan brogue boot – £150.00

d7b82 loakeforburton2

^ Lester brown distressed leather brogue boot – £150.00

1a667 loakeforburton5

^ Lent brown leather toecap boot – £150.00

be2c6 loakeforburton1

^ Lester beige suede brogue boot – £150.00
  • taufikmarasabessy September 9, 2010 at 4:30 pm

    oh Lord, the shoes are to die for. btw do you know where i could get Christian Louboutin Freddy flat Las Vegas shoes?? I've been looking for it, but its nowhere to be found

  • Snappy September 11, 2010 at 10:38 am

    A mans shoes are a reflection of himself I think. And these are great shoes. I especially like the Lester brown distressed boots. Nice collaboration. snappy xwww.snappylifestyle.blogspot.com

  • A Certain Vintage September 23, 2010 at 4:08 pm

    these lester boots are great, my boyfriend has been looking to try something just like this. thanks!x