WIN: Wingate Prints Winner.

August 16, 2010
After what’s proved a rather lengthy deliberation over all your entries for the Wingate Prints comp, I’ve finally narrowed it down to one. Congrats Dave Wrenne! And props for your entry which boasted both eye-catching prints and an interesting concept to boot. 
Dave selected designs featured in the News Knitter collection as his favourite prints and below he explains in brief and certain terms just why:

“News Knitter is a set of 10 unique, knitted garments as an exploration of textiles as an alternative medium to visualize large scale data. It involves converting information gathered from daily political news into clothing. Also, live feeds are analyzed, filtered, and converted into a unique visual pattern for a knitted sweater, so that each sweater is the graphic result of a specific day or period. I love that the prints aesthetically interesting and intellectually stimulating.”.

12f4a newsknitter
1a319 newsknitter1

Thanks to everyone who entered, all of your entries were great!

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