Staple Sweaters from Oki-Ni

August 30, 2010
I’ve not really made it much of a secret that I’ve been heralding rather than lamenting the arrival of Autumn. Not only is this the season you get to pile on chunky knits, wear socks with shoes (f**king foot comfort…finally!), and start budgeting for another pair of all-important boots, it’s also, however, the one that leaves you huddled in your hallway ignoring knocks at the door from a seemingly insatiable debt collector – or is that just the way I imagine myself turning out after I’ve pored over the below?
Most of the stock featured on online advocate of avant-garde menswear,, has, and will be for the foreseeable future, out of my price-range, but a spot of Autumn Winter 2010 porn never hurt, right? Here are just a couple of my picks from the latest collections to go live:

^ Alexander McQueen Mock Neck Knitted Jumper – Ultra soft wool? Intarsia skulls and heritage patterns? Am sold.

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^ Warriors of Radness Dunes Sweater – Quite like the oversized pocket in the front, can imagine wearing it is something akin to being a rather large stoplight red kangaroo. Win.

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