Hentsch Man AW10: Hooked on Benny.

August 5, 2010
In true geriatric fashion I’m going to start this post with another weather-related observation – where did the sun go? Twice this past week I’ve emerged from the house with high hopes for blue skies and beams and have returned to the house either sodden or windswept, which is why my latest sartorial acquisition couldn’t be more welcome.
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Hentsch Man, a brand first founded with the aim of creating the perfect white shirt, is a line of v. well cut shirts, trousers, shorts, and some spiffy footwear, that prizes quality craftsmanship and longevity above over-elaborate design.
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Benny Shirt for AW10
Designer friends behind the label, Alexia and Max, have already launched an online shop (head over there now if only to check out the jazzy stop-motion animated intro) as well as manned two pop-up shops for AW09 and SS09 in London’s Mayfair and Notting Hill, respectively. Their overall brand aesthetic which is pretty pared down wouldn’t typically attract me given my personal preference for more embellishment be it stripes or panelling, but once I’d tried on their AW10 ‘Benny’ shirt, I reconsidered.
Crafted from flannel, the shirt comes in a shade that seems equal parts baby blue (fave!) and stone grey and is criminally soft to the touch (have to periodically remind myself to stop stroking and finish writing this…). With considerable brand expansion slated for the upcoming season (including jackets and more shirting), it’s exciting to see a small brand succeed in what’s so often an industry dominated by the heavyweights. 
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Shirt by Hentsch Man, Woven belt from Urban Renewal, Shorts from H&M, Shoes from Topman

NOTE: It’s not often I’m the recipient of blogging-related gifts, but that’s not to say my inner slut emerges at the prospect of securing, say, a free sample of skincare products. Hentsch Man is a brand I love I started this blog as an online scrapbook/portfolio of sorts, with the intention of having an outlet for all fashion and style related musings/observations/rants, whilst also providing a site where I could direct those considering giving me writing commissions. The blog’s purpose has not veered away from this initial aim, however, most of you will have noticed that I’ve introduced some advertising (to fund this sojourn in London and future press trips). While I’m divulging, I should add that I’ve received a few press freebies along the way (including the above), and I’m eager to share the spoils – more on that next week.
  • John Bernal August 7, 2010 at 6:50 am

    It looks like a very soft, comfortable shirt perfect for summertime. Too bad the weather hasn't cooperated that well. Hope you get more sunshine from now on!

  • Mat August 8, 2010 at 4:09 pm

    looks real nice and they had a great brand with nice ideas behind them. keep it simple!i wouldn't worry about the advertising, i would if i knew it would make me a little bit extra money but hasn't worked in 2 years so i gave up. freebies are fine, again not to worry.i bought this camerahttp://www.amazon.co.uk/Canon-Digital-IXUS-95-Camera/dp/B001T9NH5G/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&s=electronics&qid=1281283697&sr=8-2it's gone up in price now though