Ushering in Autumn: for AW10.

July 30, 2010
Is it usually this stiflingly hot in London? In so many ways the English capital doesn’t seem so far removed from Dublin but anything weather-related is an exception. Yeah, you have a few showers here now and then but the constant humidity is nigh on unbearable most of the time and I’m not usually in fear of extensive sunburn when running crawling to the corner shop back home.
While this Summer may have brought me sky-high levels of vitamin D, it’s also ushered in a sort of sartorial lethargy; vests, shorts and shoes sans socks are all I can manage when a walk to the Tube is bound to prove more tropical than temperate. So, naturally, I’ve already started thinking about what’ll be on offer come Autumn/Winter and the folks at were more than willing to inform about the choices for padding for the impending weather change.
The v. lovely Susannah and Ashleigh gave me a thorough run down of what’s on offer, from Stone Island to Paul Smith, Grenson boots to Mulberry bags.
Personally, I’m not huge on utilitarian clothing or conforming to the mantra of function over form. Don’t get me wrong, I embraced the workwear trend as wholeheartedly as the next man donning boots and denim shirts pretty regularly, but as a rule I’m not hunting for the latest fabric finish that’ll keep me insulated/dry/bulletproof etc. etc. That said, Stone Island are offering pieces that seem to strike the balance between the two, providing a potential purchase that seems practical yet stops short of un-pretty.
8c156 stoneislandjacketmy wardrobe com

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A suitable alternative to the now ubiquitous Barbour, the below Belstaff waxed jacket was also a great find. The quilted texturing, chocolate hue and buckle detail at the collar combine to just win my favour over the Royal Family’s firm favourite.
3009f75bbf belstaffjacketmy wardrobe com

But it was the introduction to the coming season’s eveningwear that had me shaking ever so slightly like a crack addict in desperate need of a speedy fix, only the fuss was over…er…blazers in place of narcotics.
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^ D&G navy blazer

bd8d2 pspaulsmith40my wardrobe com7ff10 paulsmithblazermy wardrobe com
^ Paul Smith black velvet blazer
The AW selection was also strong on footwear with brogues prevailing as undisputed shoe of the season and I can’t really complain.
2878d shoesmy wardrobe com
^ An impressive array of brogues. Considering securing a mahogany pair for myself.
f6d45 grensonbootsmy wardrobe com
^ Really beautiful Grenson suede and leather boots with brogue detailing.
80698 bagsmy wardrobe com2

^ More well-crafted bags than you can shake a stick at.

Now, time to call this weather-realted whining to a halt and enjoy what’s left of Summer ’10. Couldn’t do any harm to just talk about attire for the wetter, windier months, though – what’s on your wishlist?
  • Michael August 2, 2010 at 12:35 am

    Velvet blazers=pure balls

  • Mat August 3, 2010 at 7:13 pm

    so for some reason my first comment didn't work properly, who knows why.i was saying that my current wardrobe suggests i've turned into mr practicality, just need some hiking boots for winter and i'm all set. it doesn't even get that cold but i seem to feel it.those brogues boots are perfect, i think most men would give an arm for them

  • Godwin August 5, 2010 at 11:24 am

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  • Cillian August 5, 2010 at 11:31 am

    Michael: Agreed (assuming that's a positive remark!?)Mat: NEED the Grenson boots. Currently contemplating establishing some sort of fund to purchase them…