The Life and Times of Mr Classic.

July 8, 2010
‘Etiquette’ and ‘dress codes’ are generally two terms I squirm to hear in the same sentence as ‘style’. Fashion at its most fundamental is an accessible form of self expression which enables the wearer to – variously – make a political statement, convey their emotional state be it conflicted or carefree, put on show aspects of their personality that would otherwise remain unseen, etc. The concept of personal style (well, my own at least…) is at odds with sartorial rules and regulations.
c28f8 jeremyhackett
^ Jeremy Hackett looking suitably suave.

That said, formalities of dress do have their place in the contemporary world and tradition often heavily informs our respective personal styles. Jeremy Hackett, successful business executive and author of “Mr Classic” – an anecdotal, incisive, critique of men’s style, is someone who’s not got much blue blood flowing in his veins (as far as I’m aware) but is entirely aware of the importance of preserving the classical nuances of menswear. And did you know he has a blog?
Entitled “Jeremy Hackett – The Mr Classic Blog“, this rather basic but still quite brilliant blog informs its reader of everything from the correct manner in which to tie a bow-tie to what summer staples you’ll need on holiday. Less interesting are, of course, posts on the seemingly weighty consequences of undoing a shirt button – I mean, really? In typically British fashion Hackett makes this conservative statement:
“My own personal preference is to undo just the top button. I find this more than sufficient in the heat of a British summer […] Besides, I find that more than one button gives off a faintly ‘gigolo-esque’ impression”
By those standards I’m the whoriest rent-boy in town wearing a t-shirt.
But, on a more serious note, it’s definitely worth your while checking out. Posts like this one on the politics of tie colours make for rather an interesting read.
  • Stephen July 8, 2010 at 9:10 am

    He's almost otherworldly in his sartorial knowledge! Though, how relevant is his blog to those of a younger age, I wonder? Is it more suitable to the real target buyer of Hackett? Also, so the piece about bloggers and chinos on Good job!-Ste

  • Cillian July 9, 2010 at 2:46 pm

    Stephen: Yeah, you're spot on, really. The blog is essentially a marketing tool for Hackett and therefore much of the content is totally appropriate for their – most likely – older target market. Still, some of the posts are just that bit superfluous.And thank you, loving your blog./