Summer, S***R, and

May 24, 2010
A host of essays, crammed-for exams, bottles of cheap Tesco wine and hungover mornings later, it’s good to be back. My fingers may be nigh on decrepit following answer-scrawling but blogging provides a welcome antidote to bluffing through psychoanalysis and cinema and the subsequent bottle of gin. But reckon it’s time to hush lest you think this post was exclusively dedicated to academic woes and alcoholic inclinations…
Just prior to that brief hiatus approached me with rather the interesting opportunity which has resulted in, finally, a pair of hi-tops I can, without hesitation, say I love. My fondness for S***R footwear is no secret ever since I first spotted their collab. with River Island way back when so, naturally, a slick black suede and leather pair of Gene 3 hi-tops was the obvious answer to my retail dilemma. Although I embraced the arrival of hi-tops when Lucas proffered them at Lanvin a few years ago, I’ve never managed to locate a pair on the high-street that wasn’t, A) every colour under the acid-tripping rainbow, or B) akin to a prop from Tron.
f2029 mywardrobe2

0663d mywardrobe1
As for the experience itself, I couldn’t really demand much more. Being the delivery dunce that I am, it slipped my mind that someone would need be present in the flat for collection. I requested that DHL keep the shoes in storage ’til I somehow hauled my arse off the couch. But no need, the team insisted they have DHL make another delivery attempt and solve all my woes at once. Win.
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  • Mat May 24, 2010 at 3:59 pm

    nice to be back! and you have broke back treats, how did you manage that one then?!

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  • Zoë May 25, 2010 at 3:56 pm

    a bit of marques de leon? i know the feeling.these are lovely, i'd like to see how you'll wear them. they're pretty classic and wearable. lucky boy!

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