Idol Radec SS10: Jaws-inspired.

March 21, 2010
It hardly comes as a stop-the-press surprise, but I do love when designers’ collections are inspired by films. Case in point – Idol Radec‘s SS10 collection which harks back to the original Summer-time blockbuster from renowned director Steven Spielberg – Jaws.
Idol Radec is a tripartite design team (consisting of David Hickman, Nick Thomas, and Scott Barclay) established back in 2006. Their aesthetic is chiefly of the surfy, Californian disposition – think lots of lightweight cottons in neutral tones on shaggy-haired models, with an undercurrent of old-school Hollywood glamour – think good suiting. Considering Jaws brings both of these elements together in one big 70s shark-themed splatter-fest, it’s perhaps the perfect filmic touchstone.
But even it weren’t film-referencing, this collection is due attention. Composed of slim-fit tailoring, jeans and blazers, it puts puts a uniquely sharp spin on the traditional definition of ‘beachwear’. The colours are season-appropriate (sand beige, matte black, white and ash grey) whilst refraining from the blindingly bright territory so many designers seem to deem fit for clothing of the warmer months. Just because the sun is shining does not mean you’re required to dress like you’re on Prozac, unless of course that’s your thing.
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They’ve also created the below 50s-esque jacket which is – not to sound too trend-oriented/fashion-y – key for this season. Gimme.
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Oh, and to further the fashion x film symbiosis, a film accompanies their collection. Featuring babes of both gender and a boat-ride, this is well worth a watch.
Photographer Jack Coleman Styling Katie Buckner
  • Erin March 21, 2010 at 11:27 pm

    Its time like this where I wish I was a guy…oh and it's lovely to read another Irish blog 🙂 Will be back!Love love love, Erinxx

  • Erin March 23, 2010 at 7:21 pm

    Seeing as I think this is a truly fabulous blog, Ive awarded you and your blog the Sunshine award…details are on my blog! Love love love, Erinxx

  • Cheek March 25, 2010 at 7:29 pm

    It is a good time to be a man! All the choices and with talented menswear designers make it harder to choose what to save my money for, every year!