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February 1, 2010
When asked during interviews/mid-general-conversation what menswear today is all about, I inevitably refer to the disintegration in boundaries regarding gender and clothing. Not to get too theoretical but that which has been traditionally considered masculine seems regularly (since the onslaught of the 80s pantsuit) to influence the aesthetics of womenswear designers and that which has long been known as feminine is fast becoming the menswear style du jour. Pelayo and Marc Jacobs don kilts, Miuccia seems fixated on bras and tutus for men and Jean-Paul Paula works heels on a much higher plane than Tyra. Yes, it may have started a few decades ago (looking at you Gaultier and Westwood), but it’s only now that the androgyny of fashion could be set to enter the mainstream in earnest. And so here’s the first in what will (hopefully) be a long line of features exploring the flip-side, the female perspective on menswear. Oh, and did I mention we’re starting with royalty? Here’s what Kingdom of Style‘s Queen Michelle had to say…

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Describe the look you’d don were you male rather than the fairer sex.

In truth much of what I wear now would translate if I were a man. My inspiration primarily comes from playing with texture so I think I would still explore mixing tactile fabrics like leather, tweeds and wool. I’d combine a mix of vintage and traditional items like tailored wool suit trousers with an edgy Rick Owens style leather jacket with some white winkle pickers, for example.

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What do you think are the fundamental differences between menswear and womenswear? Can you imagine there are advantages to being male when it comes to dressing oneself?

Clearly men have much less choice when it comes to silhouette which is a huge difference and clear disadvantage, but I do think men are beginning to get creative with accessories more than ever before. I see more men wearing really interesting shoes for example, or small touches like incorporating unique scarves or hats.

I do think in some respects, when it comes to fashion, being male is easier as you are less likely to be categorized. As a woman we are often boxed away as being, for example, sexy, demure, slutty, frumpy etc, whereas men are taken more at face value and I think that’s because they are not defined so much by what they wear. Clearly as women we chose to explore fashion and perhaps on some level have become programmed to present ourselves more visually than men.

Is there a particular menswear designer you’re willing would start creating womenswear?/Do you have a favourite menswear designer?

Damir Doma on both counts.

Do you have a male style icon?

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Trent Reznor in the early 90’s was fearless. I liked that he wasn’t afraid to move outside of masculine boundaries. I also love Joey Ramone and have probably been more influenced by him than even I realize.

What do you think men should wear more?

I would just like to see more men care about what they wear to be honest. For so many men clothes are simply perfunctory and they have no concept of how good great clothes can make you feel about yourself. I think men underestimate how powerful and empowering dressing well can be.

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Many men like the fact they can just pull on jeans and a t-shirt without thought. and more choice would simply be seen as yet another thing they need to think about in the morning and I’d like to see that attitude change.

Men are amazing creatures to look at and I think they should explore the impact of visual presentation more.

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