FxF: The Third Wave.

February 28, 2010
People are usually surprised when they learn of my not studying something fashion-related. I mean, obviously, I have a significant interest but the prospect of countless hours bent over a Singer cursing unsteady hands and unruly fabric ensured I never even conceived of the thought to study the art. Well, there was also the small matter of my being bereft of any semblance of handcrafting/artistic talent.

So I chose Film Studies (and German but shhh, at least I get to go to Berlin next year) and haven’t looked back. Any why would I when these two major art-forms are now in the habit over overlapping v. often? Film operates much like fashion – ever eager to identify the young talent which will revolutionise the form, influenced by trends which emerge with a furore and die out unbeknownst to most a little later. On the other hand, fashion cites film as an endless source of inspiration and film now provides a new – often, much cheaper – medium for the presentation of a designer’s collection. It enables the designer to imbue the film’s own style (using techniques of editing, a particular soundtrack and a great deal more choreography than is permissible as part of a runway show) with their design aesthetic.

Naturally, then, it’s time to start featuring these instances of creative crossover. For the first in this series, here’s the result of a collab. between ballet choreographer Benjamin Millipied and sportswear brand Y-3 for The Last Magazine which makes tracksuits and mesh appealing as ever – The Third Wave.
Directed by The Last Magazine’s Magnus Berger

Co-directed by Jacob Sutton

Produced by The Last Magazine’s Tenzin Wild

Choreographed by Benjamin Millepied

Styling by Alistair McKimm