6876 x Regent Belt Company = R6.

November 10, 2009
I‘m going to keep apologies and excuses brief and just mention that a week of mild sickness and Uni presentations (who knew the Theatre of Cruelty would take so much bloody reading?) as well as a college soc trip to Belfast aren’t entirely conducive to blogging but…
Enough of that. Your attention should really be focused on the below-pictured collab. that proffers numerous accessories, each a blend of quality craftsmanship with vibrant colour. It’s entitled R6, the lovechild of menswear label 6876‘s and Regent Belt Company‘s union, if you catch my drift. I’ve not heard of either before but having discovered the collab. was eager to learn…unfortunately Regent Belt Company’s site is down (however, I’ve been reliably informed it’s a Northampton, UK-based purveyor of leather goods), but 6876’s online abode has plenty on show.
c561c r61
47110 r63
Named after the year of several European student revolutions (1968) and the year punk broke in the UK (1976), 6876 was founded in 1995 by Kenneth MacKenzie and prides itself on being one of few truly independent labels manufacturing menswear in Britain. I can’t say I’m head-over-heels for the mainline collections (a lot of function over form…), but this accessory collab. has me seriously considering swapping the naff and tattered, synthetic laptop bag for something more sophisticated like the ecru and chocolate weekender below. And while I may have secured another accessory staple yesterday (black leather gloves, more on that later…), I’m still in dire need of an array of belts, esp. ones crafted from the finest Italian and Bridal leather. Really must steady on though…else I’ll actually be covered entirely in cowhide.
db2c2 r64
766c6 r65
2cd4b r62
Find them (as well as wallets, cardholders and lanyards) in selected stores or on 6876 come Feb of next year.
PS. To the girl that complemented the blog at Blasphemy last week: cheers.
  • Mat November 10, 2009 at 1:44 pm

    oh wow, ok those bags are just genius. remind me of the bill amberg bags a wee bit, but as we know that isn't a bag thing. i haven't clicked on the link yet but i just know theyre going to be out of my price range…

  • miss milki November 10, 2009 at 2:39 pm

    Loving the first purple bag!