At Long Last – LFW Part 2.

October 1, 2009
While show-attending is a more than enjoyable experience for a blogger whose primary objective is just to view some clothes and have a good time, it can become akin to the more nightmarish reality lived by professional fashion journalists and buyers when you discover you’re not seated but have been allocated a standing position for many of the shows…
I expected little more since this isn’t a blog on the Style Bubble/Style Rookie scale, but when respite does arrive, it’s more than welcome. Satyenkumar (or whoever was PRing…) was kind enough to plonk me down on the second row to be transported to a realm of serene Spring Summery-ness. He achieved it through use of sheer Swiss Voile and tulle shirts in pastels that go pop (think bubblegum pink and lemon yellow) and lean twill trousers in a palette that ran the gamut from white to lavender.

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^ Satyenkumar SS10

The menswear installations showcased a wealth of up-and-coming British menswear talent in one of the best venues conceivable – the somewhat eerie vaults of Somerset House. Highlights included getting up close and personal with the Christopher Shannon x Eastpak collab. as well as the quilted nappa leather laptop covers from H by Harris.

What followed was of course London menswear at its zenith – the MAN show, which incorporated the anatomy-centric, glitz-grotesque work of Katie Eary, the white accented-by-blue, breezy sportswear from Christopher Shannon as well as the billowing black-on-black of JW Anderson‘s inspired pieces and yet another exquisite offering from Topman Design.

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^ Christopher Shannon SS10

27133 jwandersonss10261e7d jwandersonss101

^ JW Anderson SS10

712e9 katieearyss1022a21e katieearyss101

^ Katie Eary SS10

Having paced past a v. fetching Peaches Geldof and Jethro Cave, I defected for a quick caffeine fix. The evening saw BStore and Tim Soar show to an audience significantly larger than any other that had been haunting Somerset House during the day. Unfortunately, I didn’t make it to the A Child of the Jago since the venue wasn’t in the immediate area and photo coverage courtesy of the BFC has me regretting not dashing off when the Wintle show concluded. Alas.

ada0a achildofthejagoss10352158 achildofthejagoss102

b986c achildofthejagoss101

^ A Child of the Jago SS10

For more extensive, picture-dense coverage from the menswear shows, hit up Fashion156.

Images from LFW and Fashion156

  • Mat October 2, 2009 at 9:44 pm

    this must have been a great experience, hopefully i'll get to go next year to one of the seasons. go again and maybe we will bump into each other.the MAN show has got alot of coverage this year, lets hope it builds on this season by season.

  • Blau von T October 3, 2009 at 10:53 am

    look forward to seeing you in the Irish Examiner next week!

  • Cillian October 3, 2009 at 2:14 pm

    Mat: Hopefully I'll get the opportunity next season. Would be great to meet you!Blau von T: Haha you're quick off the mark! I'm hoping the picture isn't too horrendous./

  • Blank Label October 4, 2009 at 2:36 am

    love the Christopher Shannon looks. what a fun use of colors!