At Long Last – LFW Part 1.

September 28, 2009
So. All I’m saying is old Edwardian-esque houses may be swell to look at but living in them sans internet connection is most definitely not. Eircom has guaranteed a technician’s on the way (this is, as many Irish readers will be aware, most probably an empty promise…) but in the meantime I’ve availed of Uni net to bring what is the latest EVER LFW coverage. Fear not, since I’ve penned something deets-oriented rather than full-on reviews.
This day last week, having pulled self together in a matter of minutes, I legged it (sista in tow) from Manor House to Shoreditch for Omar Kashoura‘s SS10 presentation at the endearing little boutique Jeanette’s where plastic collars, and even shirts crafted entirely from the same stuff, abounded. I was fortunate enough to have a gawk at the latest fruits of the v. happy marriage of Jarah Stoop‘s luxe accessories and Kashoura’s dandy sensibility. Following a snoop around the shop I had a natter with the dashing Alex (introduced myself thinking he was Omar…champagne obv. had more of an effect than desired…) and Omar himself who was more than merry that all the effort had not been in vain.

Then, a brief stint was spent at Digitaria on Soho’s Berwick St. where crowds of dolled-up boys and girls boogied, guzzled pear Magners and decorated the basement walls with their v. own improvised artworks to celebrate the launch of the new season collection. Props to the dreadlock-ed fellow who pointed out the seriously covetable gold-green pleated pants. Had I had more sterling…

After a decent kip on the sista’s couch I rifled through the case in an attempt to retrieve something that would coordinate at least vaguely (more on my LFW looks soon, though I wouldn’t get too excited, Ryanair baggage restrictions and minor jetlag do not a good look make) and settled on some newly plucked stock from Circus and an ol’ faithful – the charcoal Junk de Luxe blazer.

First up was the NEWGEN Men offering, which provided a much needed to jolt to the beginning of events, courtesy of James Long‘s metallic, militaristic vision. Black leather, acid green and gold so bright it was eye-pain-inducing made up the majority of the palette. Camo – no matter how inventive the reinterpretation – I’m not too hot on, but Long’s cropped leather trews with diamond notching about the knees had me fixated (as well as the black canvas goody bag which has proved more than useful for carriage of Uni paraphernalia…)

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^ James Long SS10

Carolyn Massey followed with what seemed an easy fusion of gentleman’s attire and outdoors-appropriate clothing for the intrepid adventurer. Camping staples (e.g. a nylon raincoat) were paired with the understatedly luxe (e.g. navy chinos with roll-up cuffs). The undoubted personal fave was a look consisting of a navy blue trench over a camel blazer complete with kerchief. Daring dandy at its finest.

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82279 carolynmasseyss101

^ Carolyn Massey SS10

More from LFW to follow…

Images from Catwalking

  • Last Style of Defense September 30, 2009 at 10:19 am

    well picked Cillian! really strong collections…love it!

  • Luxury Ties October 1, 2009 at 2:17 pm

    I love the shoes that model is wearing in the last picture!!gorgeous

  • MuiMuinotMiuMiu October 1, 2009 at 11:08 pm

    LFW was amazing fun, love this blog, Mui22,

  • Blank Label October 4, 2009 at 2:38 am

    the Carolyn Massey collection is awesome! especially the green jacket with the straps. what awesome detailing!