Weighing-up Weather-wear Options.

August 18, 2009
Much to my chagrin, much of the population of Ireland don’t seem to have quite grasped the depressing, but nonetheless valid, fact that they will never ever have a Summer (or at least experience that which a proper Summer should be…day-long sunshine sans a single breeze or the faintest drop of rain). In fact, contrary to many’s a member of my parents’ generation who regularly erupt into nostalgiac almost-elegies for the long-lost Irish Summer, I am myself highly suspicious of any claim that this country has felt uninterrupted sun for longer than a matter of seconds. A depressing thought for many, perhaps, but I’ve always liked the rain and judging by the frequency of my encounters with it, I reckon it might have a thing for me too.
So, not one to spoil budding relationships (however sodden…), I seem to have embraced the Irish elements and adjust my wardrobe accordingly. Below, some inspiration for staying on the good side of rain…
fccf5 henrikvibskovcrocjacket
Henrik Vibskov Croc Jacket – You know when you try to visualise a particular colour combination and it has the potential to make you feel physically ill in your mind’s eye, but when actually rendered proves to be a colourway you’d fall deeply in love with. Yeah? This is it. See Circus Store.
80562 openingceremonynylonparka
Opening Ceremony Nylon Parka – I vowed to myself I’d buy something blue and nylon last AW. Turned out to be yet another epic fail. This season, with models like the above on offer, will, I predict, be a different story. See Oak NYC.
a4419 mackintoshnavyhunterridingcoat
Mackintosh Navy Hunter Riding Coat – Being the glorious ignoramus that I am, I only discovered last year that the term “mac” originates from this 200 year old British rainwear brand that – considering its marketing – could be deemed the English answer to Jil Sander. See Mackintosh and my-wardrobe.com.
57c73 carolynmasseycapeaw09
Carolyn Massey AW09 Cape – If this were a fashematic it would be something like “Large bat” + “Footsoldier/Policeman”. I ask you: what’s not to love?
But, not to come across all at-one-with-the-rain-god, I must say I do have that unyielding desire to return to bed prompted by a rapid glance through the water-splattered window to find a torrent of pissy weather. These are the days I wish for sun that would justify wearing the below-pictured. Here’s hoping for at least a few days of weather more Med than wet in SS10.
09b58 romainkremerformykita
Romain Kremer for Mykita – With stainless-steel frame and metal shutters, these Inuit-inspired shades could be the less-gansta, more minimalist-chic, eyewear-grillz. See Mykita.
Images from Selectism, my-wardrobe, Carolyn Massey, Oak and Circus Store
  • LJ August 18, 2009 at 10:16 pm

    i love the massey cape.. and i know what you mean about the weather, i'm not looking forward to coming back to that weather!xx-LJ from SOS!

  • Frederik Sisa August 19, 2009 at 4:15 pm

    The Mackintosh is my speed…sleek and modern, with just enough classic to make it an enduring part of one's wardrobe. If I $900 or so to spend and lived in a place that wasn't perpetually sunny for almost the entire year, this would definitely be on my list.The glasses make me think of Devo, for some reason.

  • TheSundayBest August 19, 2009 at 4:21 pm

    There was an amazing electric blue Mac in a recent issue of Monocle.

  • Blank Label August 21, 2009 at 6:46 am

    i can appreciate the utility of the weather-resistant jacket, but ultimately they are hideous and extremely over-the-top