Something from the Circus for Your Arms Only.

July 18, 2009
I’ll not lie, this Summer’s seen me receive more than the occasional accusation that I’m a good-for-nothing slacker. Yes, I’m without job and steady income but surely being (f)unemployed trumps the 9-5 grind, especially when it frees up time to lend a hand at your favourite concept boutique in the city. Circus, at which I spent a few days back in June shoddily trying a hand at trade, have just revamped their online store which now boasts sartorial splendour from April 77 to Poltock & Walsh. Oh, and the ever-enchanting, La Roux-like Sarah McCall playing clothes-horse to perfection to boot.

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A new label that’s just come on board the Circus van is the rather enigmatic (Google’s not yielding much…) Made For You By Arms. A self-professed purveyor of clothes for hands-on people, the label is minimalist but not in that so stark and aloof manner. Rather, one envisages that post-putting-on there’s a general feeling of wholesomeness and comfort. Casual staples form the framework of the AW09 collection: crew-neck sweats and tees, and button-ups with pin-pricks of colour, all in a palette that’s totally laid-back while still being interesting enough to catch the eye.

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Earlier today I answered a few questions from the Fashionoclast on menswear. Unlike the nature of womenswear, not much has changed in a matter of hours and my opinion remains the same – menswear is founded upon subtle flourishes which combine to define a man’s style. Surely this is it in action.

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    Woow I'm very very impressed by your writing skills…… Do you work for a magazine or something???

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    Yes, F.S is right. I also admire you on your writings. Hope to see more from you. Have a great day. =D