Surface2Air Accessories: Armed to the Teeth.

June 19, 2009
It seems there’s no escaping my newfound fondness for jewellry, not that I’m complaining and certainly don’t have reason to considering the recently-launched first phase of Surface2Air Accessories. Yes, you heard right, the multidisciplinary collective born back in NY’s Union Square in 1996 has now added accessories to its ever-expanding list of fields which includes design, graphics, fashion, photography and film.
The AW09 collection is the steely brainchild of Daniel Jackson, co-founder of Surface2Air and creative director of Bblessing. Composed of pendants and rings, the collection explores the tension between safety and danger in the contemporary environment which is literally rendered through the numerous items of weaponry (danger perhaps?) hung upon the slim chains (safety, I reckon). I ‘fessed up regarding a secret longing for an earring yesterday but I did fail to mention a certain fascination with the dog-tag, and many of these pieces seem more edgy (er…quite literally), updated versions of the original – it appears another lifelong accoessry-related ambition could be fulfilled, albeit in a much less tacky fashion.

Coveting ‘Dinner Setting’, ‘Fox Trap’ and gun-metal ring, myself.


Fox Trap

0f63f surface2airaw09dinnersettingpendant

Dinner Setting

629ae surface2airaw09gunmetalring

Gun-metal Ring

Check the suitably striking site for browsing/purchasing and stockists, oh, and a rather dashing picture of the Hoff.

  • dandywarhol June 22, 2009 at 7:15 pm

    oo, dinner setting is tdf!xx

  • Brandon June 23, 2009 at 9:26 pm

    The GunMetal Rings are hot.