Psychosis in style.

May 21, 2009
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After countless close viewings and re-viewings of the infamous ‘shower scene’ in Hitchcock’s Psycho, with a view to establishing how Soviet montage is employed as an element of the editing style, rather than the codes of the continuity system (don’t ask…), you’d be perfectly justified in thinking I’d had enough of unmitigated gore for one evening. Alas, this messy, scarlet affair proves strangely irresistible, and therefore – by extension – my deteriorating sanity due to exams (just two weeks!).

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Er, in less psychotic speak, this array of macabre portraits inspired by American Psycho perhaps carves (harhar) a new trend for your consideration this Spring Summer – serial-killer-chic. Think the bloodiest-of-red blazers in velvets (or another suitably lurid fabric) cut sharp (just as you would your victims), crisp white shirts and vests (to remind everyone you’re of a perfectly sane, white-collar demographic) and a plentitude of black, preferably in leather, too. Get especially creative with accessories i.e. any old thing from your abattoir will do.

Shot by Matt Irwin and styled by Robbie Spencer for Dazed. Check out the rest of the editorial here.

Images from Dazed Digital

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