Matthew Williamson for H&M: For tie-dyers only, perhaps.

May 1, 2009
f9090 matthewwilliamsonhm2

I’ve always maintained Matthew Williamson‘s womenswear was/is decidedly “er…” or, if I’m being brutally frank, somewhat “bleh…”. Such a profusion of colour-saturated patterns and prints combined with blocks of brash colour e.g. eye-pain-inducing royal blue, can prove a little too busy for my taste. Thus, I was eager to see if I’d be as thoroughly indifferent about the menswear constituent of his H&M collab.

The result? Well, yes, predominantly. It’s another giant sartorial vat of candy-colours and tie-dye garments fit only for those planning to embark on an acid trip or two. That said, taken as separates these pieces would definitely hold strong appeal for me. For instance, the tee, on the right above (and possibly the shorts – though only for use in festival-mode) would pair well with some cuffed white or slate grey shorts cut just above the knee.

25080 matthewwilliamsonhm3

The suits, too, are attractive, esp. the dapper-and-dandy navy affair with the zig-zag piping. As for the remainder of the collection, well, I wouldn’t if I were you…

52164 matthewwilliamsonhm1

Available May 14th AFAIK

Images from refinery29
  • Ailbhe Malone May 3, 2009 at 9:35 pm