Damien does Denim while Tom turns south of Tokyo

April 2, 2008
It appears art and fashion have embraced yet again, this time ’round it’s denim and doodles, Warhol doodles to be precise. That may have seemed somewhat derisive but I assure you I’m anything but, regarding the Warhol Factory X Levis X Damien Hirst collaboration. Having viewed Youtube footage of the runway show I am officially, excited. Men’s Style reports on a pop-up store.

I do hope we’ll get some fetching poultry-underwear hybrid!

93cec poultry

Derisive? Just a tad…

While Hirst douses 501s in buckets of luminous paint Tom Ford instigates his latest campaign, more a sartorial assault, this time on the Japanese market. His first target is Osaka where he has just opened a fully-furnished, 1,300 square-foot shop within the Hankyu Men’s Store.

“They gave us the very best position in the store, moving other brands for us. We could not say no. And the business has been phenomenal for Tom Ford since the January opening,” Mr. Ford declared, no doubt with a knowing smirk, as he plotted his next tailor-terrorist step…

82e48 tomfordhankyu1

823ee tomfordhankyu2

Derisive? Unbelievably, and I actually like Tom Ford.

Images from ArtVehicle and TomFord.nl
  • riz April 4, 2008 at 3:20 am

    That last image is fabulous. I love images of well-stocked boutiques. I just want to step inside the screen and enter immediately!

  • roxana radu April 6, 2008 at 6:42 pm

    would love to get my hands on such a pair of levi’s