Grandad Dunhill and Jocular Jones

February 2, 2008
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It’s most likely old news to all of you by now but Kim Jones, renowned London-based menswear designer and pioneer of the electric 80s club scene, is set to blow the dust off quintessentially British label – Dunhill. It was reported just last week [yes, I know, am painfully, frustratingly slow with the latest!] that Jones has assumed the role of creative director of the brand and has also – unfortunately – left his own-name brand to veg for a while until he identifies a time fit for rejuvenating it.

Speaking of rejuvenation, there’s really no better choice than Jones for instigating some of that at Dunhill. His penchant for the mixing of muted neons and greys, streetwise baggy tees and soccer-style image is sure to ruffle a few Dunhill-loyal feathers. Famous for its rather classic menswear, which some even denounce as ‘fuddy-duddy’, and distinguished leather goods, Dunhill is unquestionably a British house in every sense of the word. A brief scanning of their site informs one of; Jude Law’s exclusive appearance in the SS 08 campaign and Dunhill’s mission statement which incorporates four key collections – Signature, Travelling, Recreation and Modern Heritage or – if you’re not a 50 year old, country-house-residing ‘maverick gentleman’ – bland wear made bold. And yet, not quite bold enough.

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Enter KJ – who, I forgot to mention above has also relinquished that fruitful Umbro arrangement…for shame. His aesthetic, let’s be honest, doesn’t exactly correlate to Dunhill’s preference for the conservative but this is what excites me the most. It truly is a marriage made in sartorial heaven – KJ, whose own line has reputedly left him…dissatisfied…financially, and the grandaddy Dunhill who is in desperate need of some youthful vibrance and know-how. I can only wish Jones the best in his endeavours and congratulate Dunhill on their wise decision…and applaud the creation of..

…these motoring coats, which can only grow more stupendous with the addition of a KJ tweak.


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Images from Dunhill, Men’s Style and PatrickMcmullan via Men’s Style

  • riz February 3, 2008 at 5:41 am

    Ok, I have barely heard of Dunhill, but ‘fuddy-duddy’ is a word I would have atrributed to it, having some very vague notion of the house at the margins of my mind somewhere. i hope it turns out to be a hip project!

  • underneath February 3, 2008 at 1:23 pm

    I guess you all have noticed the comaback of the sweater/jacket/cardigan tucketd up in the trousers like they used to do it in the late eighties with mohair sweaters. Looks great on the catwalk -but I`m not sure if I like it or not in real life.