Belstaff Rev-Up.

Belstaff is one those rather sizeable brands that I hear mention of so frequently and yet know very little about. With some alarmingly lush images from kidGQ I had no choice but to dash right to the source and peruse the extensive ‘History’ feature on their website. Invariably, these occurences always result in my being pleasantly surprised at how terribly interesting the heritage of these gargantuan brands actually is.

I won’t attempt any kind of thorough chronicle here but suffice to say, Belstaff’s background is (er…for the few that don’t know) primarily in the purveying of motorcycle wear and it pioneered the use of “Wax Cotton”, the waterproof but breathable fabric which rendered the house a legend. Anywhat, as I said before everything went tangentially awry, it was the above images of a seductively sleek moss-green bomber that had me researching. Being frank, at first it seems a little too overt in its slickness but put atop an entirely understated ensemble I’m thinking it could prove dashing indeed. Failing that, it is reversible, or there’s the below 50s inspired aged-looking jacket. Equally chic.

Images from kidGQ and Belstaff

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6 thoughts on “Belstaff Rev-Up.

  1. i bought belstaff boots years ago, they’ve served me so well and look so good with most things, and not in a contrived all saintsy biker / indie way. True classics, and that leather 50s jacket is hot too

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