55DSL Footwear: CRI55 CRO55 X 55TOP.

June 16, 2014
It’s recently come to my attention that I currently have one pair of shoes in my possession. The rest, friends, are boots, and funnily enough, I’m not all that bothered. Since discovering what’s often deemed the men’s equivalent of the heel (albeit a hell of a lot easier to walk in…), I’ve never really looked back, content with the durability, versatility and comfort that they offer. Yes, it’s led to one or two odd (and unfortunately permanent) foot markings but that’s all part of the semi-masochistic boot-breaking-in process, something that assures you this type of footwear demands your respect, rather than attempting to earn it.
And yet, variety is the spice of life and I’m reasonably sure that I’m causing permanent damage to general anatomy, so, you know, I’ve begun to think about exploring other avenues. 55DSL, Diesel’s Italian sister brand which I penned a piece on a few weeks back, makes change all the more enticing with a line of decidedly chic sneakers; yes, I know that sounds oxymoronic but look below for yourself…
5b518 55top

^ The 55TOP – a high-top sneaker inspired by 80’s skate style mixes nylon with leather and suede accents for sexy results.

c31c7 cri55cro55
^ The CRI55 CRI55 – a two-tone, suede-and-nylon mix running shoe
The line is all about imperfections according to 55DSL i.e. each shoe is unique, varying in some stitch or detail, which they seem to think cranks up the ‘beauty’ caché. I’m not entirely convinced by the jargon but provided they don’t fall apart after a few wears, consider me sold.
Available from 55DSL and selected Diesel stores this month.

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