To 2012: Dean McDaid.

January 4, 2012
If there was one thing that characterised the year 2011 for the youth of Ireland, it was probably considering/discussing/actually emigrating to a place more forthcoming with its economic opportunities. Although the majority of fashion types have almost always had to re-locate to a fashion capital in order to get that first foot on the career conveyor belt, the past twelve months saw legions of Irish from all professional and academic backgrounds make like it was 1845 and get the hell out of here to wherever the going was good.

Still, some stayed and are to be commended for doing so. Emma, Mel and Dean of Dublin’s now renowned vintage haunt 9 Crow St. are just some of the entrepreneurial role models bucking the brain-drain trend.

For the second installment of To 2012, Dean shares what he plans for the coming year…

db1f5 dean 1

This year I would like to raise the bar for myself with my work ethic. I work hard but I know I could work harder and get way more done. I really want to do more collaborations in the new year. I have a passion for every part of fashion and art and would like to become involved in any way, so I am definitely going to keep my eyes and ears open for new opportunities. 

I would like to moan much less – I feel there may be a line with moaning and I have definitely crossed it. Maybe I could also try to not over-spend, as I plan on moving to New York for the summer so I really need to save every little bit I can! I would like to think I could stop smoking, that’s surely not going to happen though…


For 2011’s review of 9 Crow St., see here. Connect with the store on Facebook, follow their blog here and find the store at 9 Crow St., Dublin 2.

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