Icarus Store: Australia’s Own Menswear Mecca

August 19, 2010
Is it just me is 90% of the Irish population hopelessly in love with the idea of emigrating to Australia? I’ve never been the sun, sea, and surf kind of guy who relishes the prospect of spending hours on end on a scorching hot beach, not getting up to much apart from lounging around under UV rays and glugging Corona. Ok – random post intro but this does have some relevance as I’ve just come across Reason No. 1 as to why I should consider developing my own personal obsession – Sydney’s Icarus Store.
Launched in mid 2010, the brainchild of Nathan Lim, Icarus Store goes where every other Australian retailer has feared to tread, stocking international labels from NY-based minimalist Patrik Ervell to Topman LENS collaborators, Mjölk. I caught up with Nathan to dig a little deeper on this retail wonderland down under…

MM: What convinced you to open a menswear boutique?

NL: I opened Icarus Store based on the observation of a lack of inspiring clothing stores currently on offer to male shoppers in Sydney or even Australia. I felt that Sydney was missing a dedicated menswear boutique catering to savvy male shoppers who appreciate well crafted clothing and are very much “quality over quantity”.

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^ Various views of Icarus’ enticing shop window

What’s your professional background? Have you always been in fashion?

My background has been in finance working for a large consulting firm however I’ve had a lifelong ambition of owning my own store. Although I don’t have any fashion industry experience per se, there’s always been an interest and I hope to bring a different and fresh perspective to retailing in Sydney.

fab36 icarusstoresydney7

^ Inside the store. Someone feature this in a visual merch. how-to book now.

MM: What sets Icarus apart from its competitors?

NL: From the moment you step into the store, you won’t feel any pressure to buy anything. We aim to offer friendly and personalized service which is a rarity to find these days. In addition, I see Icarus as a relaxed and laid back store environment where everyone is welcome to hang out and shoot the breeze.

e2dda icarusstoresydney3
653bc icarusstoresydney4

MM: I hate to use the term ‘must-have’, but is there a particular item you’d strongly recommend for AW10?

NL: My favourite menswear designer at the moment is Patrik Ervell. His clothes are very non-showy which is why I probably identify with it. The piece I’m looking forward to most in the collection is the Field Coat – his take on the iconic M-65.

be79b icarusstoresydney2

^ The exposed brick wall serves as a reminder of what previously occupied the store space – a period terraced house, amaze, no? Craving the ecru canvas Commune de Paris tote on the right.


Icarus Store is at 42 Reservoir St, Surry Hills, NSW 2010, Australia. If you’re not in the area you can stock up on all the indie designer goodness at Icarusstore.com