Heartbreak Made Haute.

November 13, 2009
As a film student you’re not really supposed to enjoy all manners of films as much as acutely observe and critique them. Lars von Trier’s Europa may be a film which focuses on the question of perceiving the past from the present but I couldn’t really give a shit – the melodrama and formal experimentation (not to mention Barbara Sukowa‘s Germanic femme fatale) is where the appeal lies and all you academics out there know it.
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^ Quentin Jones (a.k.a. the girl who fashioned film for the SS10 E. Tautz presentation) produced some work for the issue. Give me something remotely feral and I’m in. Reminds me of Tourneur’s Cat People.
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^ Underlining Colours regular Pok U Chan has created another astounding series of this issue, each piece more visceral and simultaneously beautiful than the last.
On this note, I urge you to check out outstanding London collective Underlining Colours‘ new issue entitled Bruised Hearts. No prizes for guessing the what’s thematised in this one. Inspired by emotions ranging from heartbreak to empowerment and attempting to visualise the tension between heaven and hell, this lot had their work cut out for them but, unsurprisingly, Pok and Nik and their collaborators, have pulled it all off with serious aplomb.
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^ Niclas Heikkinen’s stories for the Bruised Hearts issue. Love the seamless blending (and gender-bending) of the subtly fetishistic with the more conservative pieces. That quiet floral shirt by Jaiden rVa James (bottom right) has me reconsidering everything flower-laden and Gemma Slack‘s leather gorget (top left) seems to evoke a softer side of the somewhat dark and wanton.
And I suppose the message is something like don’t despair, don covetable clothing instead. Yeah, works most of the time, I reckon.
For full credits see Underlining Colours