Kashoura’s ‘Sunday Best’.

June 12, 2009
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I’m a sucker for collections inspired by literature and British-Jordanian LCF-grad Omar Kashoura‘s AW09 offering is no exception. What’s more, you can be sure I’ll be particularly interested when a collection makes reference to a novel that’s been adapted for film as is the case with Kashoura’s array of high-society separates enriched with perfectly modern detailing, entitled ‘Sunday Best’. Adopting the exquisite style of Edwardian England as sported by the characters of E.M. Forster’s ‘Howard’s End’, Kashoura’s aesthetic is referential, yet still undeniably his own and in now way derivative.

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Although it pains me to admit it, I do quite fancy the idea of imbuing oneself with a certain touch of regalness through dress and Kashoura’s collection is a suitable method since many of the traditionally tailored pieces feature Kashoura’s own hand-stitched coat-of-arms. Elegant, rather.

244d3 omarkashoura3

But it’s not just the splendid Britishness of the tailored suits (Kashoura’s ability to craft which was honed at Preen and Unconditional) and abundance of royal purple that renders the whole affair so enticing but also Kashoura’s meticulous attention to detail, and futuristic detail at that. From plastic-panelling on dusty pink jackets to a similarly glistening raincoat in a deep-midnight-blue/black the material isn’t limited to the conventional cotton and herringbone.

Admittedly it’s a tad early but there’s no doubt all will hail Omar for AW09. View the entire collection here.

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Addendum: The grandiose bags of pale lavender leather and custard canvas with lamb’s fur trim are by supremely talented RCA graduate Jarah Stoop – good enough to eat.