Timekeeping 2k9.

March 27, 2009
One thing I don’t have an innate talent (or learned for that matter…) for is accessorizing. Aside from my penchant for bowties and thin neckties I find myself more often than not entirely unadorned excepting clothing. Unusually, for someone who claims to have an active interest in menswear and men’s style I don’t even have a watch to my name. Somehow, though, with my recent discovery of Perrelet’s highly luxurious set of timekeepers I get the sense everything could be about to change. Well, chances are, the debilitatingly tight student budget will prevent my owning one of these but they’ve certainly inspired me to perhaps start setting aside for that all-important, and – some would say – integral component of a man’s wardrobe.
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Unlike the offerings from Tag Heuer which are inspired by golf and cars (am thoroughly disinterested as you might’ve guessed…) and the inherent bling-tasticness of Rolex pieces, Perrelet offers several ranges of wristwatches, each with its own specific concept and distinguished design that invariably set themselves apart from other models. I’m a little enamoured with the rather singular set of Regulators with Retrograde Hour. A regulator is, I’m told, a watch on which the hours and minutes are indicated separately, which can only mean less time spent staring blankly at the clockface trying to decipher what time it is exactly (this occurs more than frequently in my case…). The retrograde function whereby the hand at the end of its cycle returns to the original position which is just a little swell. In shades of classic deep black, rich chocolate brown and cobalt blue (scour on the site or blog for alternatives) these seem all a little too tempting.

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Also, kudos to Men’s Rag for informing me of this stellar, ensnaring leather creation from Christopher Bailey for Burberry. Don’t you just picture yourself a little wrapped up in it? (ho ho!).

Burberry Watch Image from Men’s Rag