Melville et Menswear

February 13, 2009

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I’m invariably peeved when people assume Film Studies students spend their days engaging in nothing but leisurely, goalless film-viewing. That is of course a vital component of the course but only in conjunction with a good deal of mind-warping psychoanalysis and infuriating essay composition. However, when – once in a blue moon – you have the privilege of watching a supremely stylish visual masterpiece such as “Le Samourai” it’s easy to see why we’re envied by the BESS-heads.

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Striking Alain Delon stars as smouldering enigma Jef Costello in this play on the American ‘gangster film’. Clad in a highly-detailed, belted camel trench and sharp, grey suit Costello paces the streets of Paris in typical film noir solitude. The fedora, though, which delicately covers Costello’s flawlessly groomed hair is what tops the whole affair off. No pun intended.
Watch it now. If only to appreciate Delon’s bone-structure and icy blue eyes.
Images from Pearly Stagedoor, Refinery29 and Dear Cinema