Experiment, Exploit, Psychosexualise.

February 15, 2009
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I’ve been following Jaiden James’ blog for quite some time now and was pretty stoked when I first came across his (and Rasharn‘s – under the name Jaiden rVa James) menswear for SS08 which was a painfully hip, sporty/tribal fusion. February 25th 09 sees them present their most recent work, for FW09, to salivating scenesters at London’s MAN. They v. kindly agreed to indulge my niggling curiousity…

1. Just what does Jaiden rVa James represent? Can you define the brand’s aesthetic?

We cannot define nor limit what we do to one specific title but if we had to we would call the label’s aesthetic exploitative and experimental.

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2. Why did you decide to dedicate your time to designing menswear? And what is your creative background/experience?

To break all previous conceptions of menswear as a mundane byproduct to womenswear. Rasharn studied at London College of Fashion whilst Jaiden studied at Fashion Retail Academy.

3. You guys tend to incorporate a multitude of styles in your collections e.g. switching from sportswear (SS08) to gender-bending tailored gear (AW08). Do you seek to continue this variety in the future?

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Do you know honestly i truly believe this question is one of the most relevant we have been asked in a interview and i must say you are very observant. Each season we approach design simply as we see fit, personally we know that this may cause annoyance as journalists like to brand designers or simply dismiss them as this or that. The landscape of design in general is amazingly diverse and to just simply explore one facet of it would be rather tiresome. Each season is simply a projection of what we are capable of and one day maybe i hope we will be able to create a balance from designing for a luxury label where we will be able to exercise our more refined classic look which i believe A/W 08 was mostly about and a sportswear label in conjunction with a sportswear brand for e.g Umbro By Jaiden rVa James which S/S 08 was about. Then we will be able to explore more in depth those demons that are within us but cannot be unleashed every season thus leaving our own label Jaiden rVa James free for us to experiment and explore as we simply see fit.

4. Do you have a particular male/female muse who inspires your designs?

Hmmm, we would say no but Charlie Porter & Lulu Kennedy both have amazing sense of style that is very inspiring.

5. You’re involved in an installation at MAN in London on the 25th. Can you give us a taste of what’ll be on show?

Without giving too much away i can say the collection is about psychosexuality and explores both insanity and sexuality.

6. And for fun…I recently read on the LFW site that you guys were inspired by Hitchcock and Hannibal. Do you have a favourite film, regarding the menswear it features?

At the moment Wild One with Marlon Brando, I have yet to see someone look so good in leather, plus we are collaborating with Scott on leather jackets – their classic Perfecto which is what Brando wore though out the film. But honestly 40’s & 50’s is a golden age for the refined look.

Images from LFW