Male Muse: Nick Wooster.

It’s been around about an age since I last lauded a man’s personal style so I thought it fitting to ensure you’re getting your RDA of menswear worth musing over. This latest installment is made possible by one Nick Wooster, Men’s Fashion Director at Bergdorf Goodman and Neiman Marcus, and unrivalled style-maker who understands the importance of a healthy dose of humour.

On first glance, some of these shots may appear comical, and/or have you thinking I’m praising a real-life Tom of Finland cartoon, but all-in-all, I feel it’s hard to fault Wooster’s nonchalance, appreciation of good tailoring, and ballsy approach to getting dressed up (suits with boots FTW). If I look a fraction as good as this at his age, I reckon I’ll be smiling, too.

Nick WoosterNick WoosterNick WoosterNick WoosterNick WoosterNick WoosterNick Wooster

All images by Tommy Ton for

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6 thoughts on “Male Muse: Nick Wooster.

  1. he's been popping up loads over the last few months hasn't he. ballsy is the best word for him, dead right!you don't see many like him do you

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