Cheat Sheet for the Perfect Online Dating Profile

October 20, 2017

Getting a woman’s attention on a dating site can be tricky. If you’re too humble, you might not come across as an exciting, dynamic person. If you talk yourself up, you might risk sounding arrogant. So how can you create a profile with the right balance to get yourself noticed? What can you say in your profile that will persuade women to reply to you?

According to data compiled by Review Weekly, specific words, concepts, and photo elements can help you attract interested women and get responses to your messages. The data, collected from sites like eHarmony and OkCupid, offers a useful online dating cheat sheet that will help you optimize your profile. Consider some of these gems gathered from the research: Your photos will take you further in the dating pool if you don’t smile while you look away from the camera. Showing off your muscles a bit is a good thing, likewise posing with a pet or getting a friend to capture you during some fun activity.

Words matter a lot in a dating profile. Women respond strongly to words like sweet, thoughtful, ambitious and spontaneous. They also like to hear that you’re interested in hiking, surfing, yoga, or ocean-based activities. You could also mention a passport, display your blue eyes, talk about puppies, or show off tattoos to help you engage with potential dates. Discover more tips and techniques below to help you optimize your online dating profile. With some persistence, you could start filling up your social calendar.



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