How to support your football team

February 22, 2017

A real football fan does much more than show up on game-day or tune into the local TV channel when their favorite teams is being featured. Instead, a real football fan eats, breathes and sleeps in support of their favorite. Whether you are an alumni, live in the area or simply like the color of a team’s uniform, you always have the opportunity to show your team spirit through your action and endeavors.

If you would be interested in truly supporting your favorite football teams, here’s five ideas on how you can participate at the highest level possible:

5. Pre-Game Activities

Instead of resolving yourself to simply showing up at the game an hour before game-time, you should consider going out early for tail-gaiting events. It’s during this time that you can help create camaraderie and synergy among fans from all over the area before you all march into the stadium and show the visitors that the team’s fans mean business. Studies have shown that the excitement created by the fans often uplifts the players to incredible heights. Maybe to heat things up between you and your buddies, try setting up a bet or do it online using some smart techniques like Asian Handicap Odds.

4. Learn Team Traditions

Most football teams at all levels are steeped in tradition. You can help support and build this tradition by learning the team’s traditions. This might include the team’s colors, cheers, fight songs, chants and even hand signals. Nothing is more exciting for the players than see their fans supporting them in unison.

3. The Logos

You can show your team spirit anywhere and everywhere you go. This can be done by surrounding yourself with consumer goods that proudly carry your team’s logo and colors. This could include bumper stickers, license plates frames, coffee cups and the requisite line of clothing goods.

2. Go the Extra Mile

When you head out to the game with your team jersey and hat in tow, why don’t you go the extra mile and get really creative. Costumes and body paint might seem extreme, but it fits if you want to be seen as the extreme fan.

1. Financial Support

In the college ranks, most major football programs gain much of its financial support from TV revenues. Unfortunately, that leaves a lot of smaller universities having to put a hand out to donors and alumni in order to keep its football program alive. You can make the effort a little bit easier by supporting the school through special events, scholarship programs, buying games tickets and loading up on the branded consumer goods.

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