Games, Guns and Girls – Everything a Modern Man Needs

June 24, 2016

Some like it hot, some like it cold. Some men prefer fast cars, others see themselves riding motorcycles – but almost all of them have a taste for guns. And if said guns are shown in a combination with girls, it’s even better. This might be one of the reasons why Girls with Guns: Jungle Heat is among the most popular video slot machines at the All Slots casino in Australia – it has girls, guns, a dangerous villain, and a lot of action. Not to mention wins – but more about that later.

The Story

Girls with Guns: Jungle Heat is not your average “action” slot machine. As its name suggests, its reels are filled with the members of the toughest ever female commando – Jess (the infiltrator), Zoe (tactical), Alex (the demolition expert), Kira (the sniper), Maria (the artillery girl), and Katherine, the leader of the team. Their mission is to take on a dangerous South American drug lord, defeat his men, and raid his villa hidden deep in the lush South American jungle.

With such attractive girls on its reels, the Girls with Guns: Jungle Heat slot machine is among the most popular ones for All Slots casino players.

The Game

Girls with Guns: Jungle Heat is one of the many “243 ways to win” video slot machines you can play at All Slots casino Australia. It comes with all the usual perks – wilds, scatters, side games and bonuses – as well as a Special Wild symbol, similar to what you might remember from the classic Charlie’s Angels series, which has most likely served as an inspiration for the game. Whenever the symbol lands on reel 3 (in the base game only), it expands to cover the whole reel, boosting the amount paid out by the respective spin.

The Sequel

According to Hollywood’s rules, no great action flick can escape without getting a sequel (or do they?). Although it’s not a movie, Girls with Guns also got its second part – to the great satisfaction of All Slots casino players, I must say.

Girls with Guns II: Frozen Dawn takes its players to a completely different place – Siberia, judging by the snow-covered scenery that serves as a backdrop for the game. This time, the team of Girls with Guns takes on Saskia, the insane villain created by government experiments, and her army of (apparently) fembot ninjas. During their quest, the Girls have to infiltrate Saskia’s hideout, and take on the mad genius before she uses her satellite to do bad things to the world. I know, it sounds like the screenplay for a bad James Bond ripoff, but trust me – it really works for the game. And if it doesn’t, the large variety of side games and bonuses the game has to offer will be convincing enough.

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