5 Best Hobbies for Men

December 1, 2015

Every guy needs a hobby, but just thinking about it conjures images of woodworking or golf. Fortunately, today’s men have virtually limitless options in finding ways to spend their time. Here are five suggestions. (Title Image: Flickr)

1. World Series of Poker

We all know that real men play poker, but unless you live in Las Vegas, you probably can’t hit the casino as often as you’d like. That’s where online poker comes in. It’s available 24 hours a day from the comfort of your own home.


2. Target Shooting

Prefer to spend your spare time blowing stuff to pieces? Target shooting is for you. Head out to your nearest gun range for a roaring good time, or if you live outside city limits, build one in your own back yard

3. Rocketry

Rocketry is another great way to blow stuff up. Build your rockets and let them fly. Just want to shoot stuff into the sky? You can purchase rockets already made and have fun blowing them up. On the flip side, if you’re just interested in building them, consider making rockets and selling them to the other guys who just want to blow stuff up.

Black Powder

4. Fly Fishing

If you’re craving peace, a little calm in the midst of your crazy life, you can’t go wrong with fishing. Fishing is as old as mankind and it never goes out of style. The epitome of the fishing experience is fly fishing. So, strap on your waders and go get that quiet soul searching you crave.

5. Mixed Martial Arts

Why take up boxing when you can combine it with kicks and karate chops? Mixed martial arts is for the man who longs for a healthy way to let go of some pent-up aggression. Find a gym near you where you can knock some other guys around, but keep in mind they want to knock you around too. Arnold Amateur Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) Competition


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